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We’ve been in Mobile Apps since 2008.

We’ve lived through early Ancient Age and learnt what it really takes to survive.

We’ve proven our capability with some of the most innovative companies in the Hong Kong and China.

We’ve built on all platforms, across all sectors and will share our experiences to create amazing new Mobile Apps for our customers.



We know the ‘shortest way to success’ is to ‘begin with the end in mind’ and we’re passionate to know what success looks like for our customers.

What KPI’s need to be achieved? What’s the ROI?

Using an Agile methodology, that permeates though our entire company, we’ll quickly get you to a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), launch and continually enhance the app using mined user data.



We offer whole lifecycle, or parts of process, to augment your existing mobile capability:

Consulting, Requirements Analysis, Creative (UX/UI/Gamification), Mobile Developers, QA, Project Management & (continual) Optimization.



Play Hard & Work Hard